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The Bureau of Market Research (Pty) Ltd (BMR) operates as an independent market research entity within the University of South Africa (Unisa) Corporate Group structure. Based on industry demand the BMR was established in 1960 and transformed into a wholly owned subsidiary of Unisa Enterprise (Pty) Ltd in 2019 to optimize its business functionality.

The sustainable business of the BMR is deeply-rooted in ethical, scientific, intelligent, innovative, high quality, accurate, reliable, unbiased and inclusive market research practices that are collectively applied in a practical and strategic style to generate custom-made, one-stop modern market research intelligence optimally impacting on business and societal transformation.

The research scope of the BMR focus on demographic, economic, business, household wealth, behavioural, communication, youth and consumer neuroscience.

The specialized services of the BMR include qualitative and quantitative research, observation research, longitudinal and cross-sectional research, neuroscience biometrics, macroeconomic modeling, diagnostic analyses, structural equation modelling, SQL database programming and research training. Access to BMR products and service is available via membership subscription or commissioned research.

“Shaping market research and transforming society”

The Bureau of Market Research (Pty) Ltd (BMR) conducts cost-effective applied market research that supports the transformation of the South African economy and society.

The BMR:

  • Conducts national and regional interviewer-administrated personal in-house and business surveys in urban and rural residential areas as well as at formal and informal businesses.
  • Conducts landline telephone and computer-aided telephone (CATI) interviews with households and businesses.
  • Manages and administrates self-administrated e-mail and Web-based surveys and conducts focus group discussions.
  • Edits, captures, codes, cleans and verifies data in accordance with its quality standards.
  • Analyses/interprets data as part of its reporting responsibilities towards research users.
  • Presents research findings in hardcopy, electronic and/or PowerPoint presentation format.

Overall, the BMR conducts qualitative and quantitative research, observation research, longitudinal and cross-sectional research, neuroscience biometrics, macroeconomic modeling, diagnostic analyses, structural equation modelling and SQL database programming.

Our Research Divisions

Includes five Research Divisions:  Personal Finance, Economic, Population, Behavioural Science and Market Intelligence. Want to read more about the divisions?…
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Follow our blogs to gain insights into contemporary market research and business intelligence trends relevant to consumers and business. Our blogs serves as a platform for knowledge generation and sharing for those interested in household and personal wealth, demography and population, economic and business, consumer behavior, neuroscience and youth research. Our blogs supports live-long learning and collective generation of solutions related to contemporary community-related challenges impacting on South African individuals, society and regulatory environments.

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