The Bureau of Market Research (Pty) Ltd (BMR) at the University of South Africa (Unisa) has been involved with the Department of Social Development (DSD):  Mpumalanga Province since 2014.  Several studies were commissioned to the BMR by the DSD:  Mpumalanga, inclusive of the following:

  • Evaluation of youth development centres in Mpumalanga Province (2014). The research study was most valuable to the Youth Directorate in the Department of Social Development (DSD) in Mpumalanga to provide socio-economic participation, education and training and life-skills and support to young people in the Mpumalanga Province.  Likewise, the research commended sound strategies regarding capacity building programmes for youth centres in the province.
  • Profile of 5 local municipalities in Mpumalanga Province. The information is regarded as pivotal in guiding the Department of Social Development (DSD) in Mpumalanga Province of South Africa to, along with local municipalities, design future action implementation plans to improve public service delivery and migration management within Mpumalanga Province.
  • A situation analysis of the homeless and people begging on the streets in Mpumalanga Province (2016). The study demonstrated the need for intervention by social services to ameliorate the plight of homeless people and those who beg on the streets.  The study also outlined the dire situation that homeless people and those who beg on the streets live in.  The research presented sound policy recommendations to guide the design of programmes to curb the phenomenon of homelessness and people begging on the streets in the province.  Likewise, the research recommended sound approach to increase the availability of drop-in centres, shelters for the homeless, rehabilitation centres, introduce measure to avoid job retrenchments and to strengthen policies and programmes against drug and alcohol abuse in the province.
  • An evaluation of the implementation of the funding of household initiatives for sustainable livelihood intervention (2018). The research represents an innovative assessment of the implementation of the funding of household initiatives for sustainable livelihood intervention in the province and represents the first provincial level in-depth analysis of the impact of the household support initiatives of the Mpumalanga Department of Social Development (DSD).  The research is regarded as strategically important and guided pertinent interventions and institutional changes to promote sustainable livelihoods in the province.  Finally, the set of evidence-based recommendations articulated by the research assisted the DSD in developing strategies aimed to improve the operational implementation and sustainability of the household initiatives for sustainable livelihood intervention.
  • Collaboration with DSD in the dissemination of research findings during the celebration of the World Population Day. BMR is an institution that is always prepared to go the extra mile in imparting the skills and expertise they have with their clients.

Besides producing valuable research, the BMR also provided highly professional and skilful research mentorship, capacity building and research skills development training for the DSD in 2015 and 2016.  The involvement of the BMR advanced the mentorship programme of the DSD and was most useful in capacitating employees in the use of bivariate and multivariate analysis and the interpretation of the population data.

Overall, the research services of the BMR display sound scientific methodological application of research theory and resemble high research ethics and standards.  Also, the sustained high quality research produced by the BMR has secured valuable business intelligence for the DSD in support of its vision to provide equitable, integrated and quality sustainable social development services to eradicate poverty and protect vulnerable groups in the communities of Mpumalanga.

Our best wishes accompany the BMR in expanding its research services to other organisations that are anticipated to experience similar satisfactory service performance from BMR commissioned work.