Momentum teamed up with the BMR from UNISA in 2012 to launch an annual Momentum/UNISA Household Financial Wellness Index – with the 8th wave recently released to the media. This was the first independent, credible and comprehensive research of its kind in South Africa and the findings present an invaluable and unprecedented benchmark in understanding the state of the nation’s financial wellness. The fieldwork for this large study is carried out in the form of face-to-face interviews with roughly 3 000 households across South Africa.

The Index furthermore provides financial service professionals, consumers as well as policy makers with a meaningful overview to better understand, interpret and improve the current state of financial wellness of South African households. The BMR’s impeccable research credentials provide a credible and ongoing source of data available to everyone.

Although the Financial Wellness Index is the largest, the BMR also conducts the following in collaboration with Momentum:


Title Frequency Description
Momentum/Unisa Household Wealth Index Quarterly. Bi-annually with release if data warrants This wealth report is an analysis of the household income statement focusing on the sources of income and expenditure patterns. Household gross savings and household contribution to the current account deficit is also highlighted.
Momentum Corporate/Unisa Consumer Financial Vulnerability Index (CFVI) Quarterly This research looks at the financial vulnerability of South Africans. It appears that micro-level variables like savings are becoming stronger predictors of consumer financial vulnerability. This means that micro-economic (including institutional) variables are increasingly becoming strong predictors of consumer financial vulnerability. An increasing focus on micro-economic variables such as the financial literacy of consumers, consumer financial behaviour (behavioural economics and behavioural finance) and the level to which consumers are being impacted upon by institutions (i.e. schools, government, employers, retailers, financial institutions) in their financial decision-making, are required to positively influence the financial vulnerability of consumers.
Momentum Corporate/Unisa Employee Financial Vulnerability Index (EFVI) Annual with media launch. This research offers employers actionable insight, revealing which employees are most financially vulnerable and their specific financial vulnerabilities. These insights help employers to better understand the extent to which their employee population is financially vulnerable, the magnitude of risk and where to focus efforts for greatest impact and best returns.
Momentum Corporate Employee Effectiveness Index (EEI) Quarterly Generated by Momentum Corporate.

Off shoot from the Unisa data.

The long-term relationship between Momentum and the BMR over almost a decade, attests of the confidence Momentum has in the BMR to provide scientific and rigorous research in support of our purpose. Their application of the correct methodologies, sampling approaches, analysis and models have furthermore resulted in high levels of data richness that we continuously use to guide and support our client growth strategy. Their research and insights service speaks of high levels of ethics, standards and quality.

The way in which we see them as an extension to our Momentum team (as opposed to just a service provider), needs special mention. They integrate well within any organisation, always walk the extra mile, continuously strive to deliver over and above expectations and are always open to any suggestions, feedback and input.

Given their ability to continuously provide reliable, rigorous, sound and practical research, we are once again looking forward to working with them in 2020 and to expand our collaboration to even bigger heights. I’m very confident that the high standing of the BMR and its quality work will be experienced by any institution commissioning them for research work.

It is an absolute pleasure to work with the BMR team and our best wishes accompany them on their future endeavours.