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YRU@BMR Youth Research Conferences

Since 2012, the YRU@BMR hosted bi-annual youth research conferences. The YRU@BMR youth research conferences established a credible platform for sharing youth-focused research information, which ultimately leads to knowledge creation and practical application. During the YRU@BMR conferences, professionals, and students, get exposure to national and international researchers which leads to the establishment of research networks and multi-sectoral collaboration.

2018 YRU@BMR Youth Research Conference | 20-21 September 2018

The 2018 YRU@BMR Youth Research Conference addressed the online and offline sexual exploitation of children in South Africa.

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2022 CESE Africa Summit | 20-22 September 2022

The Youth Research Unit (YRU) of the Bureau of Market Research (BMR) co-organised the inaugural CESE Africa Summit, together with the National Center on Sexual Exploitation (NCOSE) based in the USA.  It was the first international summit hosted by the YRU@BMR and took place from 20 to 22 September at the University of South Africa (Unisa).  The aim of the event was not only to showcase the latest research information about different forms of sexual exploitation and abuse, but to encourage evidence-based practice and collaboration amongst multi-disciplinary stakeholders.  The hybrid event brought together more than 30 esteemed speakers and delegates from 26 countries from across the world.  The event was attended by an average of 560 daily online participants and 200 in-person attendees committed to address sexual exploitation and abuse and protection of the most vulnerable including the youth.

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YRU@BMR Seminars and Webinars

The YRU@BMR places great importance on sharing youth-focused research information and host in-person seminars and online webinars. The purpose of the YRU@BMR seminars and webinars is to share the latest youth-focused research information with individuals working directly or indirectly with young people, to further their knowledge and competencies. The seminars and webinars consist of presentations, in-depth discussions, and case studies based on the YRU@BMR research projects.

Seminars and webinars hosted by the YRU@BMR

  • 2023 – YRU@BMR Webinar: The State of Youth Well-being in South Africa. The YRU@BMR in collaboration with Youth Dynamix (YDX) share the new research findings on (1) Substance abuse; (2) Online sexual exploitation & abuse; and (3) Cyber-bullying and discuss the impact on the South African youth.

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  • 2020 – YRU@BMR Webinar: School Violence: A New Perspective.
  • 2019 – YRU@BMR Youth Research Seminar Series: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and School-Based Violence.