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Research Community Engagement


YRU@BMR Youth Research Conferences

Since 2012, the YRU@BMR hosted bi-annual youth research conferences. The YRU@BMR youth research conferences established a credible platform for sharing youth-focused research information, which ultimately leads to knowledge creation and practical application. During the YRU@BMR conferences, professionals, and students, get exposure to national and international researchers which leads to the establishment of research networks and multi-sectoral collaboration.

The 2018 YRU@BMR Youth Research Conference addressed the online and offline sexual exploitation of children in South Africa.

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YRU@BMR Seminars and Webinars

The YRU@BMR places great importance on sharing youth-focused research information and host in-person seminars and online webinars. The purpose of the YRU@BMR seminars and webinars is to share the latest youth-focused research information with individuals working directly or indirectly with young people, to further their knowledge and competencies. The seminars and webinars consist of presentations, in-depth discussions, and case studies based on the YRU@BMR research projects.

Recent seminars and webinars hosted by the YRU@BMR:

  • 2020 – YRU@BMR Webinar: School Violence: A New Perspective
  • 2019 – YRU@BMR Youth Research Seminar Series: Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children and School-Based Violence.