“Research by young people for young people”

The YRU@BMR Youth Ambassadors Research Program brings together young people across South Africa to inform and participate in research projects investigating challenges faced by young people. In addition, the program aims to empower young people with basic research knowledge and skills that they can make use of within an educational environment.

Benefits of being part of the YRU@BMR Youth Ambassadors Research Program

In becoming part of the program and participating in the activities a young person (between the ages of 13 and 20 years) will be able to;

  • Represent their community and educational institution on various research platforms.
  • Increase their visibility, and have their voice heard.
  • Enhance their network and engage with key stakeholders from different sectors.
  • Increase their knowledge and develop their skills.

Join the Program

Anyone between the ages of 13 and 20 years, who would like to voice their opinion about issues impacting the wellbeing and development of young South Africans and who are passionate about research can join the YRU@BMR Youth Ambassadors Research Program.

Please complete the short registration form to register your details.

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The YRU@BMR recently collaborated with two South African organisations, focused on upskilling and empowering the youth to be responsible citizens.

Be in Touch and EDUvelopment both support the YRU@BMR Youth Ambassador Research Program and work together with the YRU@BMR to promote the research program across school communities and young people, to voice their opinions about issues impacting their wellbeing and develop their research knowledge and skills.