Commissioned Research


Research conducted by the YRU@BMR is recognised as being relevant on both national and international level and is supported worldwide. The YRU@BMR conducts commissioned research projects, which are funded and supported by external organisations. These projects are tailored according to the specific needs of organisations from the planning to the dissemination phase. The YRU@BMR operates within a multi-skilled environment and bring expertise to research projects.

Recent commissioned research projects conducted by the YRU@BMR:

  • 2021 – ‘’Speaking Truth to Power’’ Child Sexual Abuse and Exploitation Survivor and Youth Engagement Project (Marie Collins Foundation)
  • 2021 – South Africa Kids Online Survey (UNICEF)
  • 2020 – Continental Overview of Online Child Sexual Exploitation and Abuse in Africa (African Union)
  • 2018 – Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children in South Africa: A Study among Professionals (ECPAT International)
  • 2016 – Child Pornography in South Africa: A study among Professionals Working with Children’s Rights (Film and Publication Board)
  • 2015 – The Impact of Media Content on Children in SA (Film and Publication Board)

The YRU@BMR welcomes opportunities to work collaboratively on commissioned research projects.