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Market Intelligence Research

Market Intelligence Research

The Market Intelligence Research Unit (MIRU) provides current and actionable market intelligence based on a large number of Small data (i.e. survey, national accounts and administrative) and Big data (i.e. social media, online behaviour and flow of funds) sources. MIRU supplies information with the aim of uncovering actionable market insights from a multitude of diverse data sources to timely uncover the external business environment to innovatively solve business problems, improve the quality of business decision-making, provide market segment dynamics insights and generate information of emerging market trends.

Research focus areas

  • Household wealth, population, economic and consumer behaviour insights.
  • Household wealth, population, economic and consumer behaviour forecasts.
  • Economic, socioeconomic, market and population impact analyses.
  • Market sizing, segmentation, trends and forecasting.
  • Market entry, penetration and expansion.
  • Customer targeting insights.
  • Market development metrics.
  • Market profiling and industry monitoring.
  • Competitive monitoring.
  • Supply chain analysis.
  • Corporate, brand, product and service positioning.
  • Corporate, brand, product and service satisfaction.

This unit places emphasis on an more detailed understanding of the South African consumer market by collating and hosting different data sources in a data lake of a Big Data Platform to gain market insights and intelligence pertaining to a specific company or brand and to derive forecasts regarding future brand, product and service performance.