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Behavioural and Neuroscience Research

Behavioural and Neuroscience Research
  • Consumer and business research aimed at understanding and quantifying rational, emotive and physiological drivers.
  • Quantitative, qualitative, mixed method and experimental biometric studies focused on motivational factor, decision making, attitudes and satisfaction.
  • Applications include business intelligence, influencer marketing, loyalty-based management, corporate citienship, E-commerce, brand image building, service quality, marketing and advertising.

The BMR launched its consumer neuroscience laboratory towards the end of 2015. The laboratory earmarks the first of its kind in a university setting in South Africa. This laboratory conducts consumer neuroscience research using the latest neuroscience technologies (i.e. galvanic skin responses (GSR), heartbeat, pupil dilation and electroencephalography (EEG)), in combination with traditional survey methods to better understand the impact of marketing stimuli by observing and interpreting human emotions.