Behavioural Science Research

Behavioural Science Research


“To be a catalyst for positive change and development, by researching human behaviour and translating behavioural insights into strategic motion that influence decision making.”


  • To actively respond to identified behavioural science research needs through innovative research approaches.
  • To investigate the intricacies of human behaviour and identify behavioural insights which will enable our clients (members) to make informed decisions and stay ahead in diverse sectors.
  • To enable organisations to anticipate, understand and respond effectively to consumer behaviour and market dynamics.
  • To empower organisations through evidence based behavioural science research information to gain deeper insights and develop meaningful connections with their target stakeholders.
  • To build a robust national and international network, fostering collaboration to advance the understanding of behavioural science research insights and trends.

Aims and objectives

  • To create behavioural research insights that address identified needs across multidisciplinary sectors.
  • To establish an accessible source of evidence-based information relevant to behavioural sciences within a South African context.
  • To contribute to the development of society through behavioural insights generated by innovative research approaches.

Research niche areas

  • Economic and Financial sector (Behavioural Economics).
  • Media and Technology sector (Exploring traditional and new media platforms and sustainability among different age groups).
  • Education and Training sector (Understanding teaching and learning and contributing to improved decision making).
  • Health and Wellness sector (Explore issues related to physical and psychological health and wellness and impact on human behaviour and markets).
  • Marketing and Consumer Behaviour sector (Understanding consumer decision-making to inform marketing strategies).
  • Food and Beverage sector (Investigate the food and beverage market to meet competitive market demands).
  • Retail sector (Investigate retail market demands).