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Happiness Index, 2015 by J.P.R. Joubert and J. Poalses


2015 BMR Syndicate Research Report 463

Happiness Index, 2015 by J.P.R. Joubert and J. Poalses

This report presents the findings from the 2015 Happiness Index following the inception of a prototype Happiness Index for South Africa in 2012.  For the current study a non-graduate sample of second year students have also been included to compare happiness and life satisfaction between graduates and non-graduates.  The rationale for including non-graduates is twofold. Firstly, a comparative study to graduates could provide valuable insight into the effect of graduate qualifications on happiness and secondly, to move towards a more representative happiness index for the adult population of South Africa. The BMR Happiness Index model design is founded on past international models, which also add additional comparative advantages, measuring positive and negative emotive states and happiness across various life spheres.

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