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Sectoral and subsectoral trends in South Africa, 1993-2015 by C.J. van Aardt (2015)


2015 BMR Syndicate Research Report 462

Sectoral and subsectoral trends in South Africa, 1993-2015 by C.J. van Aardt (2015)

This report presents 1993-2015 sectoral research and not only expands on prior work, but also includes a focus on the number of formal sector businesses per sector, the outputs and volumes produced by such businesses as well as the number of workers employed per sector and the corresponding compensation paid to employees.  At the time of compiling the report, the overall economic forecast seemed rather fragile, which largely provided the basis for the sectoral analysis presented in this report. More specifically, the report presents a rich analysis of the primary, secondary and tertiary sectors and subsectors of the South African economy with detailed analysis of the gross value added (GVA) by sectors and subsectors as well as the business sizing of sectors and their corresponding outputs and trading volumes, fixed capital formation, inventories, compensation and employment growth trends since the early 1990s. Sectoral risks have also been identified.  Overall, the longitudinal sectoral and business formation trend analyses present a depth of essential business information and are regarded as essential for future business formation and sectoral growth in South Africa. An improved understanding of company organisation, sectoral trends and business cycle dynamics present an ideal platform for future changed behaviour of firms and decision-making units aimed to improve future growth performance at company, sectoral and global levels.

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