2022 CESE Africa Summit | 20-22 September 2022

2022 CESE Africa Summit | 20-22 September 2022

2022 CESE Africa Summit

With permission from all the esteemed speakers who participated in the summit, we have uploaded their presentations which were scheduled during the parallel sessions.  You can access these presentations below.

Dr Chazanne Grobler (South Africa)
Technology-facilitated sexual violence against women: An evaluation of the potential and the limitations of the legislative remedies in South Africa. Download

Ms Isabel Magaya, Ms Caroline Makumbe & Mr Rongedzayi Fambasayi (South Africa)
Access to Justice for victims of online CSEA in Africa: Insights from General Comment No. 7 of the ACERWC on Sexual Exploitation.  Download

Adv Dellene Clark (South Africa)
Law Reform: An overview of the SALRC report on sexual offenses  (Pornography and Children).  Download

Col Celeste van der Klashorst (South Africa)
Online child sexual exploitation and child sexual abuse material from a police perspective, South Africa.  Download

Ms Marita Rademeyer (South Africa)
South African children and self-generated child abuse images.  Download

Ms Kristen Jenson (United States of America)
How 5 porn-refusal skills protect kids from sexual exploitation.  Download

Ms Liz Walker (Australia)
Proactive and protective responses to prevent online porn harm among our young.  Download

Ms Juanita van Heerden (South Africa)
Burn-out in NGO’s: Preventing and combatting its impact on workers in the anti-trafficking field.  Download

Ms Grace Gara (Nigeria)
Zero Violence: Harnessing art to break the silence on sexual violence among adolescent girls and young women in Nigeria.  Download

Ms Victoria Green and Ms Rushelle Reid (United Kingdom)
Speaking Truth to Power – a small scale study into victim and survivor support services. Download

Dr Shaheda Omar (South Africa)
Injustices perpetrated against children.  Download

Ms Kate Farina (South Africa)
Digital dilemmas: The challenge in keeping our kids safer and saner online.  Download

Mr Eugene Mashapa (South Africa)
The impact of technology on media content regulation.  Download

Ms Rianette Leibowitz (South Africa)
Key considerations and collaborations to ensure online safety in the metaverse and beyond.  Download

Ms Victoria Balogan-Fatokun and Prof Ebenezer Durojaye (South Africa)
The Sexual Exploitation of Children (SEC) and Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights (SRHR): A case study of South Africa.  Download

Ms Kameshree Moodley (South Africa)
Online child sex trafficking.  Download

Ms Janice Viljoen (South Africa)
Empowering young people to find their purpose in life.  Download