Best Paper Award at PAMRO Annual Conference

Best Paper Award at PAMRO Annual Conference

The Pan African Media Research Organisation (PAMRO) was established 20 years ago as a non-profit organisation (NPO) by a group of professionals who realised that for Africa to become a major international player in the media, marketing and advertising spaces a media and consumer research industry body spanning the various African countries was required.  The goal was to gain insight and develop a deeper knowledge of consumer and media behaviour in Africa that could inform decisions on how best to reach and communicate with specific target markets.

PAMRO hosted its annual conference from 26 to 28 October 2021, comprising of presentations from global brands operating in Africa and real-life case studies from the continent.  Prof van Aardt represented the BMR at the conference by presenting his paper entitled “Towards a Multi-dimensional Consumer Segmentation Tool for South Africa”.  The very insightful and well researched paper provided a detailed background to the BMR’s Consumer Market Segmentation model that was developed in collaboration with the Market Research Foundation (MRF).  The paper focused on the development of the model, the model structure and segment descriptors, and revealed some model results.

We are extremely proud and would like to congratulate Prof van Aardt who won the best paper award for his presentation at the conference.  This award is the cause of great excitement as the BMR views this as an indication of the market and media research fraternity buying into the BMR consumer market segmentation tool. The BMR is currently working closely with the Market Research Foundation (MRF) to finalize this segmentation tool and to introduce it fully into the 2021 and future PAMS data releases for use by industry.

Congratulations Prof van Aardt!!  We are extremely proud and honoured to have you as part of the BMR Team!

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